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Which password is msecure 6 asking for on new phone?

I am upgrading to a new phone, and allowed Samsung Smart Switch to copy my applications and data to the new phone.  On the new phone when I initially launch mSecure 6, it's asking for an account user name and password.

I'm using mSecure 6 Essentials, to which I was updated from mSecure 5, and to my knowledge did not have an account. However I see in desktop mSecure settings > Account I do have an account username consisting of my email address.  And the Reveal Account Key shows a QR code.

But I don't know what password mSecure on my phone is asking for. Is that the same password that I use to unlock mSecure to open it for normal use? Or the password that I use to log in online to this forum? Or some different password for the online account?   I don't want to go messing with it willy nilly as I read that some version of changing or resetting the password results in wiping out all the data.

Hi Graham,

Your mSecure app account and your support/forum account are two completely different accounts. This should be a quick fix, but I need to know what platform you are able to open mSecure 6 and unlock the app. It looks like you can unlock the app on your desktop computer, and if you can, are you able to do that by manually entering your password, or is it only through some type of biometrics? If you can enter your password manually to unlock the app, that is the password you need to enter to sign in to mSecure on your phone. And when you sign in, you'll have to scan the QR code you can reveal in mSecure on your computer.

So the summary is that the password that I have been using to unlock mSecure on Windows, or on my old phone, is indeed the password to use when mSecure on the new phone  installs and initializes.  

The puzzle was that having acquired mSecure 6 Essentials earlier in the year via the auto update from mSecure 5, I apparently came by an account at that time, linked to my email address, despite not using mSecure's cloud features. Consequently it was not clear to me that the password I have long used to unlock mSecure (not requiring an email address) is in fact also to be used with the email address for the purpose of finishing the installation of mSecure on the new phone.

Just detailing this for others who might encounter this same puzzle.

Thank you for the follow-up Graham! It sounds like you have everything figured out here, but if you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

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