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account deleted

after deleted my account by mistake, how you get access again? and how do not lose your subscription?

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Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for contacting us. After you delete your account, the only thing you can do moving forward is created a new one. After you create the new account, then you would start from scratch or restore from a backup you may have.

Regarding your subscription, I only have a few different ways to locate it, and I was not able to find one with the email address you are using here in the forum. Before you create a new account, let's try to figure out if I can find your subscription first. What type of device were you running mSecure on when you deleted your account? I assume it was an iOS device, but it may have been a Mac computer. Also, did you purchase your subscription from inside mSecure on either your iOS or Mac device? If so, do you have the receipt for that purchase?

was using an ios device, account email was as in the ticket I created for the same topic, the purchase was made long time ago from AppStore directly

Hi Sebastien,

Unfortunately, we don't have any record of your account ever existing in our system, because when an account gets deleted, all traces of any data, including the email address and any data associated with the account, is removed from the system. To be clear, if you purchased an mSecure Pro license in the mSecure 5 app, that license gets deleted when the account gets deleted, so there is no record of your purchase in our system. I have no problem applying a license to a new account, but I have to have some way of knowing the license was purchased. Does that make sense?

copy of Apple store purchase made in 2017?

What I need is not an actually receipt. I just need some proof that you actually purchased the license, because right now, I have literally no trace of you in our system. To find a purchase from 2017, or any year, you can follow the instructions in this Apple help article:

After you find the purchase, just take a quick screenshot of it to show me the purchase.

will send a screenshot of the account logged in, do you think is enough? will send it in ticket system for privacy
Sent in the ticket area, as demontration of the purchase, if not enough is ok, the system of mSecure is very complicated and how is is delete the account sound extremely weak as security for the customers, the prompt before deleting is showing that information will be deleted only from a specific device, not that all your account will disappear, and secondly why the password is stored in your server( encrypted or not does not matter) this not secure for the customers, have a nice day

I just responded to you about the next steps to take via email. Let me know when you have created a new account.


Did you check your Account Settings to see if mSecure is showing that you have an Essentials account?

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