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Invalid QR code

I have the Account Key QR code for mSecure 5.5 when I bought it in 2021.

My android phone was newly factory reset and has a new SIM.

The 3 main issues mentioned in the knowledge base regarding "Invalid QR code" does not apply since:

     1. QR code is for the same mSecure account;

     2. I have not change my account password;

     3. The QR code is the original code BUT I have not gone through a password reset.

a) I scanned the (orig) QR Code but it did not work.

b) I've downloaded and installed the MSecure (Play Store does not show the exact version of the app)

c) Was prompted to sign in - but my email address and password was also rejected.

I have another android device where I can access my MSecure account. If I change password and resend the QR code will that be useable to my 2nd device?.

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for contacting us. I just checked your account, and it says you did change your password back on August 15th of this year. If you are are trying to authenticate as the owner of the account using the QR code from back in 2021, that is the reason it's not working. It's now contains the wrong encrypted account key. Do you have see a new QR code in your email from August 15th by chance? Be sure to check in your spam and deleted folders in case they got caught in either of them by accident.

If you can't find the new QR code, then you can simply resend the code from the Account Settings of mSecure on that device. You don't need to change the password unless you can't remember it.

Hi Ernie,

I just saw your email in our support system, so we'll take care of this issue via email instead of here in the forum.

Hello Mike,

I saw your responses (forum and this email) and apologies for getting back to you only now.

Just to clarify:

       I am unable to resend the code from the Account Settings of mSecure on this (Samsung S21) device as I am prompted to login (which is now invalid).

       I have another Samsung smartphone where the mSecure5 is also installed and working flawlessly. If I resend the QR code to this device, will that code work onto the other device?

Thank you.

Best regards,



No problem at all Ernie. Please do let me know if you run into any problems after resending your QR code from your other Samsung device.

 Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for your help and patience!

I have now access to my mSecure account and sync the data with my 'problematic' phone!

Thank you and more power to you !!!


You are welcome Ernie! Take care.

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