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Second page of Data Entry on App Password Change?

Hello! I would like to change my password in the app in order to use face recognition. When I follow the steps, the app auto-populates my current password (good) and I enter a new valid password then click 'Next'. What I see then is another page requiring data entry but there are no labels, no instructions as to what to enter. There is an mSecure "cloud icon" and, below that, two fields that allow input, the top field being hidden and the lower field open text. What is required on this second page? Thank you much in advance for your help!

Hi Todd,

This one should be an easy one! We have a bug in the current version where if you are in light mode, the fields can't be seen. They're there on the screen, it just doesn't look like it. Go ahead and try changing your phone to dark mode temporarily to see if that helps.

That worked! Any idea when the "bug" will be corrected? Just curious....and thank you for the speedy response!!

That's great news Todd! That issue will be fixed in 6.1.0, which we're working on now.

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