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Data is completely gone

Hi , I reset my android phone to factorized setting again. I downloaded "msecure 6" app and got signed in but all the data is gone. What shall I do?

Hi Mingzhi,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. Before you reset your Android device, do you know which version of mSecure you were using? I think you may have been using an older version of the app, because I checked your account using the email address you are using here in the forum, and that account is a free account created back in August of 2020. If you were using mSecure 6, then since it's a free account, there was no way for it to sync data to any type of cloud service. Because the data wasn't being synced anywhere, the data was not stored anywhere other than on your device.

If, on the other hand, you were using an older version of mSecure, then it's possible you were syncing to your Dropbox account. If that's the case, then I can help you get access to the older version of mSecure, and you can try to set up Dropbox syncing.

If you weren't using Dropbox syncing, then the only way I can help with retrieving your information is if you have a backup of your data or if you happen to have access to the data in any version of mSecure running on a different device.

Thank you for your reply. I found Dropbox old data under file name of "msecure 5", I am not sure if it works. Could you help me get to the old version, so I could try to synchronize data to there?

Hi Mingzhi,

There is no way to download mSecure 5. However, you would not need to download mSecure 5 in order to make use of the data stored in your Dropbox account. mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to mSecure 5, so sync functionality in v5 is compatible with v6. What files do you see in the "mSecure 5" folder in your Dropbox account?


name of data is " data.mssb", 35KB. 

What happens if you go to the Sync Settings in mSecure, and change the sync feature to Dropbox syncing? I have given you some more time on your Premium trial so you can use syncing again. After changing to Dropbox syncing in the app's Sync Settings, were you able to link mSecure to your Dropbox? If so, did syncing take place?

Hi, I did all the setting to Dropbox, but syncing doesn't take place. There is still nothing showed in msecure.

If data exists in the "data.mssb" file, and you are not seeing any sync errors, then whatever information is in that file should be getting synced into the mSecure app.

First, please open mSecure, then check at the bottom of the screen. Do you see a message telling you there was a sync error? If not, tap the 3 stacked lines in the top left of the screen, then look near the bottom of the menu. Do you see a Dropbox icon and the words "Sync now"? What happens if you tap "Sync now"?

Hi, I tried what you said, but syncing does not happen

When you say that syncing doesn't happen, what do you mean? If Dropbox syncing is set up, the sync will take place, but there are things that can be keeping the data in the sync file from getting synced into the app. It could be there is a sync error, which would be displayed the bottom of the main view after you tapped the sync button in the app's menu. It could also be that you are connecting the app to the wrong Dropbox account. In that case, the sync would take place, but there would be no data to sync in, but a data.mssb file would be created in the Dropbox account you're connected to. It could be connected to the right Dropbox account, but the data.mssb file is empty. In either case, the sync will take place unless there is a sync error.

First, do you see a sync error after tapping the sync button in the menu? Tap that button, then close the menu and look at the bottom of the screen. Second, are you sure that you connected mSecure to the right Dropbox account when you set up Dropbox syncing? The way you can test this is by finding the "data.mssb" file in your Dropbox account: "Dropbox > Apps > mSecure 5 > accountID (10 random characters) > data.mssb". Rename the "data.mssb" file to "_data.mssb". After you have renamed that file, open mSecure and tap the sync button in the menu. Does a new "data.mssb" file get created? IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete the "_data.mssb" file.

Hi, I got my passwords back through memory and checking, now I don't need my msecure account and the prenium upgrade. Can you delete the account for me ?

Hi Mingzhi,

It's good to hear you were able to get your passwords back. I don't see that you have any type of subscription on your account. Are you saying that you recently signed up for a subscription through the iOS mSecure app? If so, please send an email to "", and we'll continue working on this via email. After you send the email, reply here in the forum, and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

I think you opened up some prenium subscription for me to solve the before mentioned problem. Now I don't need that subscription and msecure5 account.

So far as I can tell, you don't have a v5 Pro license on your account, you don't have a subscription, and your trial expired on September 14th or 15th. You shouldn't see any type of license on your account when you go to mSecure's Account Settings on any of your devices. Are you thinking you will need to be paying a recurring subscription fee?

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