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JSON error in (a random number here)

I have MSecure on my iphone working fine, v 6.0.6. I logged into mSecure on my Win10 computer v6.0.271, and now every password entry on the computer says "JSON error in (a random number here)". I have tried re-syncing the computer, and that does nothing. Please advise. 

I was able to restore the database on the computer using a backup emailed from the phone. But could someone please tell me why this happened? I logged into my account on the computer, everything was fine, I could see all my passwords, then mSecure did a sync, and all the JSON errors occured slowly, one at at time, as it overwrote every entry in my password database.  

Then when i logged back into the phone to sync, I lost that database, too after it synced. The entries all said decryption error. So I restored taht from the same backup. 

Is this now going to happen every time there is a sync?

Hi Stuart,

Obviously, this shouldn't be happening, and if it were to happen every time for the life of the app, I'm sure you would stop using mSecure. You've run into a problem, so we'll have to solve it to get things back on track.

Before I send instructions to try to fix the problem, can you let me know how you went about changing your password on June 19, about 10 days ago? Did you perform an account reset on our website? If you did, on how many devices did you reinstall mSecure?

Also, when you restore from the backup you created, all your data looks good, right? The state you're in now, can you confirm that after you restored from your backup on your phone that you see all your data and it doesn't show any error on that one device?

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