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Password not transferring to Iwatch

I have just enabled mSecure on my Iwatch. When adding items to the watch the Password does not show. Notes show, User Name but no Password.  I disabled from watch and re-enabled. No difference. Please help.

Version 6.0.6 (873)

Hi Robin,

I believe you are running into a known bug here, which is already fixed in the 6.0.7 release we will be publishing soon. In the meantime, you should be able to see all of the data for each record if you make sure that all of the fields in the record have data in them. I was able to reproduce this issue by removing the data from the Website/URL field in my Login records. When I did that, the data wasn't displayed on my watch, which is one of the reasons this one is scheduled to be fixed in the next release.

Did that have any effect on the problem Robin?

Yes fixed it!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so mucho!

No problem at all Robin! Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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