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mSecure 6.0.6 password generator not showing

I cannot find the password generator in the android app. The dice icon is not there. Please help.
Ok, turns out it was the template I was using, "Web login". This must be an old template and the password field is not a real password field! I have around 200 entries that use that template. Is there an easy way to convert them to another template?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. In the current versions of Android and Windows, there is no way to change the type of the field in the Template editor and then have those changes propagate through to all your existing records using that particular template, which is what needs to be done here. However, that feature will be coming again in the next version we publish.

Since changing 200 entries one by one all at once isn't a very user-friendly process, I would simply change the current Password field's type each time you use a record. That will update each record as you go, then when the next version is published, you can change the field's type in the Template editor to fix up any remaining records that haven't been updated yet.

Also, there is no way to batch change the template for a record, so that's not an option. Also, in this case, only the field's type needs to be changed for the Password field and not the entire template, so changing the template isn't really needed unless you want to use the default Logins template instead.

I faced this issue myself a few months back for about 100+ records.  I cannot recall if I had fixed it from the Windows or the Android version, but most likely it was on mSecure 5 Android as I was mainly using this version at the time.  You just need to go to Settings, Edit templates, select the template, select the 3 dots beside the password field, and click edit.  Then change the field type to Password field.  If mSecure 6 has not changed from 5 in regards to template editing, you should be able to convert all your affected records at one go.  In my case, the original passwords were all retained after making the changes.  And I was able to then use the password generator for only those records that I wanted to make more secure but not the others.

@JSeow Thank you for the feedback on this one. In the current version of mSecure 6, those steps won't work due to changes in how the new version is and isn't linked back to the template the record was created from. However, in the next version we release, that feature will be brought back so that any changes you make to a template will propagate through existing records build off that particular template.

Hi Mike,

Couldn't you offer Paul a way to download version 5 just to fix his issue?

@JSeow We currently don't have a way to download old mSecure 5 builds.

Hi Mike,

I tested the template editing function and found that, contrary to your reply to Paul, I was able to change the password type from text-based to a password-based field.  I am using mSecure on Android.  I don't think the linkage between template and records was ever broken.  After editing the template, the original passwords were preserved and new passwords could be -generated just like what I mentioned a few days ago.

@JSeow This is very good news. The reason I thought the linkage in this case was broken is because we have another issue where adding new fields or reordering fields in a template does not propagate to the existing records in the system. I thought that meant changing the field's type would not propagate either. I know those two issues are fixed in the next release we are publishing, so I was just mistaken that the field type changes needed to be fixed as well. Thank you for double-checking this!

@Paul I'm not sure if you have seen what @JSeow found, but you can change the field's type in a template, and that type change should propagate through all existing records in your mSecure app. So in your case, simply go to the Settings of the app, tap the Edit Templates option, select the template you need to edit, then change the Password field's type to be a Password type field. After you do that, all of the fields in the records based off that template should show the password generator.

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