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dropbox syncing report

Why  doesn't V6 syncing not reporting what it is doing and what it has successfully done like v3/4 did. The various platforms I use all  "hide" the minimal syncing status at different locations on the screen.  Syncing status should report what it is doing and prominently show it.

Thank you,


Hi Peter,

The only platform that has changed the sync status is the Mac version. That use to show the syncing in the bottom of the middle column, but now it shows it in the top right of the left column. We did that to get it out of the way of obscuring any records in the middle column. All it does is show you that it's syncing, and then it disappears. If there are any issues that caused the syncing to fail, you'll see an error message up there that you can click on and then send us.


I may be an atypical user because I use the program on 5 different platforms. My primary device is an android phone and the sync function tells you far more about the state of the sync and the changes made then any of the other platforms. I find this level of reporting important in giving me confidence the syncing is working properly.  I feel reporting the results of successful syncs is equally important knowing how many records got changed or deleted.

Blocking display of the screen is a non issue for me as I only sync manually not automatically. If I haven't synced a device in awhile, it is nice to see how many records got changed by the sync.



Just to make clear, the  reference to the detail report of a sync on the android phone is  to the v4 version of msecure. The V6 version sync report is missing all that detail which I find very annoying and a step backwards dumbing down the interface.


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