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Browser Autofill without extra password entry (Mac)

With mSecure running on my my Mac in a secure environment (i. e. at home) I find the extra password entry every time I need to fill in a website to be unnecessary (and a little annoying) - after all, I have already entered the password to start the programme.

I appreciate that there are working environments where the present system is necessary (open offices, e. g.), but it would be nice to be able to switch the double check off when it is not needed.

Hi David,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you talking about having to enter your password to unlock the mSecure app, or are you talking about entering your password when you are using the Safari Password AutoFill feature?

I mean using the search feature

I don't understand what you're saying here. The only way you would have to enter your password to search for information is if mSecure locked on you in the background. Are you having to enter your password to unlock mSecure on your Mac when you click on it to search for more information?

Sorry, was on the wrong boat there. 

if I have mSecure running on my main machine (Mac Mini M1) I have opened the programme by entering my password. If I am browsing and want to enter a login using mSecure then I have to reenter my password. I can understand there are usage situations where that is necessary, but for me (no one else in the building) it is completely wasted effort, and I recall that I didn’t have to do that as I was using 1Password, which I had before mSecure. I use a long memorised PW for mS and like to have to enter it as seldom as is reasonable. 

It would be nice if the additional check could be switched off by those not needing it, I can see the case for making it the standard for new installs. 

Thank you for the clarification on this. I now understand what's happening, and it all makes sense. I assume you were using 1Password's Safari Browser Extension before, which is the reason you didn't have to enter your password frequently when auto-filling data into your browser. The difference here is that mSecure ties into macOS's Password Autofill features, and the way they have built the integration for 3rd party apps means you have to enter your password every time Safari needs to get information from mSecure. I don't know why they did this, but it's how it has to work. As soon as we are able to port the Chrome browser extension over to Safari, then you will be able to use that in much the same way as you did the 1Password extension. There will be a timeout for the browser extension that you can set, so it won't require you to enter your password so frequently.

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