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Feature Request: Family Death Access

Hello, I'm helping a friend through the death of a family member and I'm find that one of the biggest problems is finding all online accounts and accessing them.  I'd like to request a feature to make it easier for my children when I die.

  1. I want to give them access to SOME accounts now - I think Vault feature works great for that.
  2. For financial accounts, I don't want to give them access until my death or disability. For this, I'd like to set up a specific vault with a timer (like one month) that will give them access to the financial vault when it expires.  I'm happy to reset the timer regularly upon a reminder from mSecure.  If I die, they will get access automatically in one month because I will not have reset the timer.

I think this is a pretty easy feature for you to develop (I'm a software engineer) and it would be a huge differentiator for your product.

Hi John,

Thank you very much for the features request. This one is actually already on our radar, and while it's not planned for the first feature release of mSecure 6, I'm hopeful it will be implemented in the second feature release. In the end, I don't make these final decisions, but I can tell you it's a high priority item in our feature request list. We definitely see the value in such a feature, and as soon as we can get it engineered, it will be added to the app.

One thing to mention, I don't believe it will be implemented in the way you have described. I'm not sure exactly how the development team has it sketched out thus far, but I don't think there will be any type of timer involved. I did mention it in the feature request in case it's helpful, however.

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