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importing from password plus

I was only able to import it as a csv file and it did not pick up the label names. If i double clicked on the lines, it gave me the information not in the way I saved it in PWP.  Are you working on this?  I feel we were not given the correct information by PWP leading us to believe you had a perfect import tool for their DB or CSV?

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Your data should be imported the way you would think it should be imported, and at this time, we don't have any known issues with the Password Plus import process. Can you let me know what type of device you are using? Also, when you imported the Passwords Plus CSV export file, can you explain to me exactly how you did that?

On the recommendation of the Password Plus user's info, I have porches the Premium Service your mSecure  app..  I have my user name, password, QR code secured.  What are the steps that I need to go through in able to " seemlessly " transfer the PPS .csv files to your product?  Retyping them in on at a time is not possible. Over 1500 items.  a prompt reply will be much appreciated.


Mel   cell : 954-224-6373   (text OK)

Hi Mel,

Thank you for contacting us, and welcome to mSecure! In order to import your data, you'll need to open mSecure on your PC. Once opened, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner, then click Backups in the left column. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but you should see a button to import data from DataViz Passwords Plus. Click that button, then select your Passwords Plus CSV export file.

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