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Windows 10 Msecure Slow + Can't Login

Msecure is unresponsive on Windows 10 app (5/11/22)

I downloaded it, and it was very slow, to begin with (not even able to click anything). I deleted it and redownloaded it now it won't let me log in. I am still on the sign-in page, and it's in a loop, not even letting me get to the part where I put in the key. 

iOS version is fine, but I got the Windows to export all of my saved passwords on google. My surface is starting to sound like a jet engine because of this caveman app. 

Hi Cole,

I believe you are dealing with a known issue that should be fixed in version, which we just submitted to the Microsoft Store. Over the next few days, please be checking for that build in the Store app on your PC, and after you have been able to download it, the issue with the non-responsiveness should be fixed.

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