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Changing Item Tag


i'm not an mSecure Premium subscriber, but i'd like to change the Tag on some of my Items. Is there a way to do it?

Thank you:



Hi Norbert,

With tags, you can only have more than one of them on your record if you are a Premium subscriber. However, you should still be able to remove tags, and you should always be able to update the one tag you are able to add to the record. Are you trying to change the tag for a record that has only one tag on it, or are there multiple tags?

Hi Mike,

i don't have multiple tags. The actual tags are not removable, at least i couldn't find the way.

Hi Norbert,

I'm not sure what you mean here. If you click into the Tags field after editing a record, you can simply press the backspace key on your keyboard to delete the tag on your record. You can leave the Tags field empty, or you can add a new tag, and then save the record. Are you not seeing the editable Tags field when click the pencil to edit a record in mSecure on your PC?

On the PC, put your cursor on the right side of the blue tag and press backspace to delete the tag or start typing for a new tag.  You can't put your cursor on the tag to edit it or invoke a drop-down list. All mine say CSV Import - "Date" so while waiting in the doctors office I went to each of my 490 entries and deleted the tags and re-tagged them. 

Thank you for the help here @Brent. It's always appreciated!

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