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Migrate from Mac 3.5.7 (iOS 4.5.4) to version 6

Hello,  I see that I need to step to version 5 to migrate from 3/4 mac/iOS.  Is there a way to download Mac version 5?

I plan on moving it all to the newest version.


Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. For clarification, I think you know the latest version is 6 from the title of your post, but you mentioned v5 in the post so I wanted to be sure you know you'll need to download mSecure 6. After you download mSecure 6, it's very simply to import your data from mSecure 3 or 4. If you don't have one yet, when you create your account, you'll be asked if you would like to import your data from the older mSecure app. If you do have an account, then once you are signed in to it, you can use the v3/4 importer in either the iOS or Mac versions.

You can download mSecure 6 from either of the links below:

• iOS:
• Android:
• Mac:
• Windows 10:

Were you able to download mSecure and get the app set up on all your devices David?

Thanks, so you’re saying I can migrate from an old 3.5.7 .msim file right into version 6?

Hi David,

That's correct, but if you have mSecure 3 installed on your Mac right now, and all your data is stored in that app, you shouldn't even need to create a .msim backup file. You will either get the option to import your data when you create your account, or you can use the v3 importer in the "File" menu. You can restore directly from a v3 .msim file, but that shouldn't be needed.

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