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I have legacy essentials account for mSecure 6 and my wife wants her own. She used to have a v3 account on her iMac (synced to her iPhone and iPad) but has upgraded to v6. The trial period has expired and she’s clicked on the appropriate buttons to subscribe to an essentials account. Apple has confirmed the registration but the software doesn’t recognise it and continues to show the account as an expired trial. How does she get the essentials account?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're wife is running into here. Before I try to solve anything, I'm going to need to get your wife's email address so I can check on her account. Are you ok putting that here in the forum? If you aren't, please send it to me via email at "" After you send it, post that you did so here, and I'll respond as soon as I see the email. 

Email posted direct, as requested...

Thank you Steve. We'll continue our correspondence via email from here on out.

Dear sirs, I´ve received the attached notice about  the end of the trial period of mSecure, and I´m interested in subscribing it because the migration from Password Plus was excellent and I'm happy with the product. 

As former user of Password Plus by DataViz I understand I have a discount of 25% in my first yearly subscription. 

Could you please confirm this option and, if so, tell me how to proceed?

Thank you very much

Mike my first client also did not get subbed and yet the charge shows on thier CC 

I'm giving it a day to show if not I will Email her address. This shouldn't be happening!

Mike R

@Jmmorenorico Thank you for contacting us, and I'd be happy to help! I actually just found your email correspondence with Liam, one of our other support reps, and I believe he was able to help you with the discount. If you still need help with this or anything else, please let me know!

@Mike Of course no one should sign up for a subscription and then it not be applied. That would be a pretty terrible business policy. I can't help you at all if I don't know who the customer is, so I need specific information on the user's account so I can look into what happened.

Mike go ahead and close this as I just checked and it is now showing properly registered and paid for. 

I suppose there might have been some delay in the processign. 

Thank you. 

Mike R

Thank you for the update @Mike. Please do let me know if you run into any other problems or have other questions!

Thank you, Mike. Liam supported me with the issue and everything is ok. Thanks anyway. Best regards Jose

That's great news Jose! Thank you very much for the follow-up, and let me know if you need further assistence.

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