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And the next issue. I want back Version 5 NOW

Since your (I do not wanted it) Update from verion 5 to 6:

- the app crashed for a long time until you fixed it

- clicking / tapping on password or user opens a browser and do not copy to clipboard (fixed after also a long time)

- yesterday I had about 600 real entries. TODAY MORE THAN 1300. Everthing was duplicated.

Please give me back my version 5. I need a working system - and version 6  is a mess.

Hi Sven,

There's no way to go back to mSecure 5.

- If it doesn't crash any longer, that's good news.

- If you download in the Play Store, this issue is resolved.

- I believe the reason you are seeing duplicate entries has to do with changing the sync feature. A handful of people have experienced this, so it's a known issue. Do you want help trying to resolve it?

Hi Mike,

of course I want to get help.

But the last months, I wrote a lot (too much) with msecure support (Tickets and Forum).

It has to come to an end :) 

So what do I have to do?

This duplications started after installing new version on Android 2 days ago ( - and the sync with my Mac.

Now, I have duplicated entries on all of my devices.

My Windows Version

And "no" - I didn't change any sync settings. 

Because - sync was working -  I think (hope) so.

Hi Sven,

If you didn't change the sync feature, then the only thing I can think of is that the data in mSecure on your Mac was seen as new data when it was synced via Dropbox. As I mentioned in my last post, we have seen a couple of users report the duplication issue, but we have not been able to conclude exactly what's happening. Since we're only at the beginning stages of diagnosing what's causing the problem, we believe it has something to do with changing sync features. At this point, I can't tell for sure if you are actually dealing with the same problem.

Unfortunately, we don't have an automated way to get rid of the duplicate records. The easiest thing to do would be to restore from a backup that would have been made before the duplication occurred. Aside from that, it's also possible to use the batch editor either in the Mac or Windows version, and highlight multiple records to delete them.

Do you know if you have a backup that would have been made before you synced with your Mac computer Sven?

I am sorry you're dealing with this issue, as we never want our customers to experience such issues. But to be clear, there's no reason to think the syncing wasn't working. Getting duplicate records is not related to syncing not happening. If anything, it would be an indicator that syncing is taking place. It's just that something went wrong when the sync happened.

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