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Icons do not match!


In version 5 i gave all items in one group the same icon. Each group I used had its own icon and therefore easy to recognized.

Now…on version 6 some of the icons of items are changed, apparently with some “ brand “ icons.

A item with contains the text and name KPN as a Dutch telecom provider now has the company`s icon. Something I do not want! Changing it can only be done in an icon out of the list of icons standard provided in mSecure, I can select it and save it, but I does not change it.

I don’t have new icons and there is no list of new ones.

Any of you encountered the same issues like this?

Hi Bo,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not exactly sure what's happening here, but you may be dealing with a known issue that will be fixed in the next release for Windows. Are you running mSecure on a PC, or is it a different type of device?

Also, each of the icons for your records are typically determined by the website you stored in the record, so I don't know what you did in the previous version of the app to make the icons be the way you want them. mSecure 6 should not change any icons for your records unless you are running into a new bug or if you're running into the bug I mentioned above. Can you provide more information on what is actually happening? Just choose the one record you mention above, and explain to me what type of record it is, then tell me the type of data you store in it. If there is sensitive information, please don't tell me what that is, but you can say in one field that it's storing password data or some a name of a pet or something else. I just need to know what type of data is in the record or records for which the icon has changed.

One other thing, if you chance the icon for the record now, does it stay put?

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