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Dropbox sync broken on android?

I discovered that msecure 6 was not syncing on two separate Pixel5 phones. I tried reinstalling on both and the problem persists. Dropbox sync is working on an apple phone and on windows desktop. Trying wifi sync works, it's specifically Dropbox. When I got through link account process it completes ok and shows as linked in msecure settings. It's using browser to connect, I don't have Dropbox client installed. I also tried restoring from a backup and that restore worked but still no sync does not push or pickup changes.

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Hi Rob,

I just tested this on my Android with my PC, and I'm seeing the same issue. It looks like everything's working, but changes aren't getting synced regardless on which device the changes are made. I believe something has changed on Dropbox's side, because I tested the sync feature before the release on the 14th of April, and it was working. You may have seen me respond to other posts in the forum asking for information, but since I can now reproduce it, we should be able to get it fixed quickly. I have notified the developer, so I'm hoping to have the fix published very soon.

Thanks Mike for the update, just validation of the problem is good, glad it's not me going crazy or the dreaded user error :)  Good luck with the fix.

We depend on the Android being able to dropbox sync. Upgrading without that working has cut my wife and I off from seeing one another's updates. Do you intend to fix it, and what is the intended timeframe?

We're ok for now, having switched to mSecure cloud sync, but we'd prefer not to use a common repository for our syncing, so look forward to news on the roadmap for android dropbox sync.

Ah, just came over to ask about this, glad to see I'm not doing something wrong! 

@Everyone We recently discovered that Dropbox has changed the connection policies for 3rd party apps, and that has broken the Dropbox sync feature in mSecure. Our developer has fixed the issue, and that fix will be published as soon as possible in the Google Play Store.

In the meantime, we recommend using mSecure Cloud syncing as it is just as secure, and it is the most simple and consistent method for keeping your information in sync. In order to turn on mSecure Cloud syncing, go to mSecure's Sync Settings and set that as your method of syncing instead of Dropbox syncing.

Hi @Mike just wanted to confirm it's fixed and syncing on dropbox now, thanks to you and the dev's for fixing it quickly.

No problem at all @Rob! Thank you for your patience and for your feedback! Please let us know if you need further assistance.

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