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MSecure 6 Android App Restore

When I select the file to restore, I'm just brought back to the settings screen with a "please pick backup file" popup message. 

I downloaded the Windows app and was able to install the file I'm trying to install on the android app, so there's some kind of bug trying to do it on the android app. 

Hi I had this issue until I placed the backup file into the msecure 5 directory on internal storage, I also renamed it to shorten the file name and removed an underscore. Not sure which of these steps fixed it but it worked after that. Now I just need Dropbox sync on android fixed.

@Geoffrey There are certain folders that don't allow 3rd party app access no matter what we do. I believe the Downloads folder is one of them, but there might be others. Did you follow @Rob's advice and move the backup to the "mSecure5" or "mSecure" directory and try to restore from the backup? If so, did that work?

@Rob I'm not sure what's happening with Dropbox syncing, but it should work in mSecure 6. What is happening when you use that feature?

I was able to backup the file from the Windows app and then restore that file in the Android app.  Appreciate the help, wish the app talked better to Dropbox, but oh well.  Having the data on my PC is happy outcome to all of this, only a few extra grey hairs.

@Geoffrey We recently discovered that Dropbox has changed the connection policies for 3rd party apps, and that has broken the Dropbox sync feature in mSecure. When I responded on Tuesday, I wasn't aware of the change yet, so I didn't know what was happening. Our developer has fixed the issue, and that fix will be published as soon as possible in the Google Play Store.

In the meantime, we recommend using mSecure Cloud syncing as it is just as secure, and it is the most simple and consistent method for keeping your information in sync. In order to turn on mSecure Cloud syncing, go to mSecure's Sync Settings and set that as your method of syncing instead of Dropbox syncing.

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