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Android msecure copy the password into address form

Since today - I do not know where there are any changes made - when I click in my msecure app on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra latest Updates, latest Android - then msecure opens a browser and copy the complete password into the upper address field. The field where you enter the name of the websites. Until today - iot worked - when I tabbed on the password dots (*******) to copy the password. Now it makes this strange things. I can copy the password if I use the three dits on the right side and choose copy password to clipboard. But why the other function is gone? Can someone recreate this error?



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 Came here to post the same thing: behavior in the Android app seems to have changed. In the recent past, a long press on the username or password field would copy the username or password into the clipboard -- this was very convenient! Now it opens a browser. The only way to copy the password is by using the more actions button, and you can only copy the password, not the username. Is this intentional new behavior (don't like this at all), or is it a bug?

(BTW, I'm not getting the behavior that the OP seems to have with the password actually being copied into the browser's address bar. But I don't store the website address in the record, so that might be the reason)

Hi same here, one touch to copy to clipboard no longer works, it launches the browser instead, can't see a setting to correct this.
Same issue for me on android, I liked one touch copy to clipboard

Is someone reading this or do we have to open a ticket?

@Everyone This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next version we publish to the Play Store. Until it's released, you can only copy Username field data to the clipboard if you first edit the record, and you can copy Password field data to the clipboard by first tapping the three vertical dots to the right of the field.

We're sorry for the inconvenience it causes. The issue will be fixed shortly.

 Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated

Any update on this? I have mSecure 6 on a Samsung S22 and having the same issue, clicking on a username or password goes to a browser instead of copying.

@Brian We are working on nailing down a couple of other issues in the Android app, so I have not been able to publish the new version yet. However, it is one of my main priorities, so it will be in the Play Store as soon as possible.

This makes the app really hard to use. You should fix this is a special update and release other fixes in another update. 

It's already fixed and was published to the Play Store yesterday Scott.

Hey just want to confirm it's fixed now thank you.

Thank you very much for confirming the fix @Rob!

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