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Search - "Feature Option Requested"

mSecure Team: The new features in version 6 are interesting and some are advancements I am still attempting to understand. One issue that was copied over from the previous versions though has become more complicating than in the past. The SEARCH function. Please give us users a button to change between searching all fields or just the titles of records. When I search for my gmail password for example I get a return result of nearly every record in my database that has an email login. I really just want to look at my list of Personal items and gmail. I don't want to create additional tags either as they are already separated into record types and categories such as personal, work, government, etc.

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for your feedback. I need to get more information on what you are asking for here. Is there nothing in your records that gives you a simple differentiation between records? Are you saying that all of your records are named the same and have the same username/email address? For my data, I don't ever have a problem easily differentiating at some level between records when I'm searching, but that must mean my data is laid out much different than yours. Can you give me a fake example of how around 3 or 4 records always get returned? Maybe if I see how things are laid for your information, I will be able to help without any changes to the app.

Sure consider this: Gmail account login record. Login record for tractor Supply Login record for Walmart Login record for insurance Login record for gps services Financial record has email account tied for a recovery address. There are literally hundreds of records that are coming back in a search for my email address. I just want to search the record title, not everything in the database. If I search for a title that has 12 in it I get every record that has that in a password, driver license, account number, etc. I have over a thousand records separated by different categories.

Ok, I understand what you're saying here, and it's possible to add a toggle for a specific field, but it's definitely not a trivial addition. It is true that the shorter the search, the more likely you'll get hits with data in other fields, but that's the case with most search features. Can you let me know which devices you are using, because I know on Mac and iOS you would simply put in some data for the username then add a space and then add more data for something else in the title. That would perform an "AND" search and narrow down your results nicely.

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