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The actual problem that's annoying was caused by Apple

Mike, You wrote: "Is there something else that happened that's causing problems after the update?"

Yeah, sort of… The problem is not _after_ the update because I am unable to update with existing conditions. The problem I'm having is that sometime in the recent past, unnoticed by me, my Apple ID mysteriously switched to one of the half-dozen other email accounts that I maintain online. This mysterious switch happened when I was installing apps from the Apple App Store. One of the affected apps is mSecure 5. So my mSecure 5 app was installed under one of my other email accounts FOR WHICH THERE IS NO ACTUAL APPLE ID ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD.

So, because there is no vaid Apple ID account associated with the mSecure 5 installation, I am not able to authenticate with the App Store to install mSecure 6. So far, Apple has not presented a cure.

The only idea I've been able to come up with is to
- export all of my mSecure data to CSV

- uninstall and dispose of all current installation

-  install new v6 instances on the four devices where I have v5 installed

- and repopulate the data.

But I don't know if the data will re-import clean and I don't know if a new install of mSecure v6 will accept my v5 sn

Your recommendations?

Hi John,

I'm not sure why our forum does this for some users and not for others, but it was waiting for me to approve your post. It's not clear to me what causes this restriction to be triggered, but I did see your messages and approved this one. My hopes are that you don't get the same treatment next time, but if you do, know that I look through posts that need to be approved, and I will approve them when I see them. I saw five of them, but I only approved this one, because they all looked identical. If I missed something, and there was something different in one of the posts, please let me know.

I'm not sure what's happening with your Apple ID, as I've not heard of this type of behavior before. However, I and a friend have experienced difficult issues with Apple IDs and iCloud, so I do understand some of your pain with all of this. While I don't understand the situation 100%, the one thing that poses a problem here is that I'm pretty sure you need to be signed in to an Apple ID on your device in order to download apps from the App Store. Are you saying you're thinking of creating a new Apple ID that you can sign in to on all your devices and then download mSecure 6 afterwards?

If you don't uninstall mSecure 5 from your device, and you're thinking of doing what I said above, I'm pretty sure after you have signed in to your new Apple ID, mSecure 6 will simply install over the top of mSecure 5. If that were to happen, you shouldn't need a backup at all, though I do think you should make a backup asap. Having the backup will simply make sure you can restore to this point in time should something completely unexpected take place.

I'll let you respond before going further in case I'm off on something. In the meantime, can you be sure to create an email backup of your data real quick on one of your iOS devices? If you have a Mac or Windows computer, simply create a new backup and save it on your desktop.

Mike, i'll try to be a little more succinct this time. This is hard for me to explain. I imagine it's even more difficult to follow.

I have had an Apple ID or about as long as Apple has supported Apple IDs. It is based on my original @mac email account. When I login under that account to the Apple app Store and begin downloading mSecure V6, my computer switchs over to another email account of mine that has no relationship to my Apple ID and it attempts to download mSecure V6 from the App Store using that unrelated email account. That action is responded to by the app Store byI asking me to enter the password for that email account. Problem is, since that email account is not used in any Apple ID there is no password for it. Upon closer inspection to the mSecure installed software I can see that it what is originally download it from the App Store in association with that other email account not with my official Apple ID account.

So if I understand correctly, you just simply can't download apps onto your devices right now. Is that right? It sounds like every time you try to download an app, it asks you to enter your Apple ID password, and then you get into the same predicament.

Correct, but only for some apps - those apps that have mysteriously associated themselves with the email account that is not an Apple ID account. So the App Store is asking me to enter a password for an account that doesn't exist.

I think I'm getting a better a better understanding here. I'm guessing you purchased your mSecure 5 license through the Mac mSecure app, and if that's the case, maybe the Mac App Store is trying to authenticate something, and since the download is associated with a faulty Apple ID, it's causing the issue.

What happens if you simply delete mSecure 5 from your Mac and then try to download mSecure 6? I apologize if you have said you already tried that, but what I'm hoping is that you would then be able to reinstall it from the Mac App Store, and it would re-associate with your functional Apple ID. In the information you provided in your first post, it looked like you might have mSecure 5 installed and you're able to install mSecure 6 beside it, which would be very strange, but I still don't know exactly what's happening, so I'm hoping what I'm suggesting might be helpful.

Real quick, the licensing for mSecure 5 is not handled by the App Store, so reinstalling will not do anything to your license, as it is placed on your mSecure account. As long as you have your data intake on a different device, can you try reinstalling mSecure on your Mac?

I think you and I are of a similar mind as to what the solution will be. (If I understand correctly what you wrote.) However, I don't want to mess with my password database until my income taxes are filed. The last thing I want to do over the next couple of days is to risk losing access to the numerous secure sources of financial information that impact my income tax return. Never in any year in the past have I found myself logging onto so many secure, online databases to source the data for my tax return.

So, a couple of days from now, I plan to delete mSecure 5 and install mSecure 6 and then hopefully be able to apply my existing license credentials to the new installation. However, I don't know if I need to wipe my drive of all of the mSecure 5 support files (including the encrypted db itself) or if I merely need to delete the App.

Note: when I upgraded from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5, the mSecure 5 app was installed next to mSecure 4 without replacing it.

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