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Migrating to Msecure from iCloud Keychain

Is there a way to export all the passwords in my iOS / Mac password app to my mSecure app?

Hi Mark,

To our knowledge, there is no way to export the passwords that are stored in your iCloud Keychain. I thought we could do this, but, unfortunately, I looked up exporting your keychain information, and Apple doesn't allow you to export your password data from the Keychain Access app.

Hi Mark, Mike,

Unless I am mistaken, this is easily feasible:

  1. Head to the menu bar → click the Apple logo → System Preferences.
  2. Click Passwords and open by authenticating using your Mac password or Touch ID.
That's done, you can export your password as CSV

Thank you for the reply @Yann. That should work, and after you have the CSV file, you can click "File > Import > Keychain CSV" in the menubar for mSecure. That should import the data correctly into mSecure.

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