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Modified Dates request


I'd like to see the date area in the record changed to something like this beneath the record in the Windows application.  I'd also like to see this in iOS as well.  Maybe in a future release or better yet as an update.

Created:  Jan 23, 2018  3:58:09 PM

Modified:  Jul 12, 2019  4:02:12 PM        (record edited)

Password:  Apr 6, 2022  1:59:59 PM       (only changes if password modified)

I do appreciate that the Security Center has warnings for Weak and Duplicate Passwords (no jumping between records to check those).   Old Passwords however could be eliminated in the Security Center and I could jump right in to updating a password that's expiring or just getting old without having to take that extra step to go to Security Center to check for old passwords.  Thanks!

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