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Windows / Android sync discrepancies

I have mSecure v6 on Windows 11 and Android.  I am using Wi-Fi sync between the two devices.

I have a few issues that I will post in this thread.

Issue 1:  On Windows I selected a login record.  Windows shows a modified date of 10/10/21.  I clicked on the clipboard button to copy the password to paste into a form.  The modified date still says 10/10/21.  Which is what I expect.  I don't consider copying the password a "modify" action.  I then sync to Android.  On Android the record shows a modified date of 4/5/22. 

Two problems.  I don't expect Windows should bump the modified date when copying to clipboard.

Also, now the record in Windows still shows a modified date of 10/10/21 and Android shows a modified date of 4/5/22.  I know a sync occurred, but now the records show different (mod date) values.

@Robert We have new builds for both Windows and Android queued up, but I don't have an ETA yet on when they will be released. For Android, we have improvements coming for the Tags UI, and we're also adding support for the email/username picker, so it's not just bug fixes this time. We need to make sure everything is polished before the release. I would expect it to be released sometime the beginning of next week.

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