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Auto-Copy Passwords

On mSecure 6, both Windows 11 and iOS 15.3.1, with the setting to auto-copy passwords when visiting URLs, the password does not get copied to the clipboard.  The button to copy the password does work, and if I remember to do it before clicking the link I get almost the same experience I had with previous versions.

Two things that may be relevant here:

1. I am still on my 30-day trial of essentials (but do plan to upgrade to premium)

2. I have altered My Login template from the default, specifically I have two password fields.  I keep the previous password in a second field along with an added date field to remind me when I last changed it.  (I had changed this long ago using version 5 and it has always worked fine, until the upgrade to 6.)

Is this a known bug?

Hi Mike

You are correct that I might not have noticed the decoupling of the records from the template - yet - if not for bugs that messed up my data structure. (I'd have noticed sooner or later, when I made a change to the template that didn't propagate to the records.)

I've never suggested, and never considered, that you would change the template model back. I was just asking what benefit that change provided to the user. (After thinking about it, I have a guess: maybe you had users deleting template fields, which deleted the corresponding data in records, and you were trying to prevent that?) But I agree, let's drop that discussion of the template model and focus on the real problems.

I believe that when I upgraded to mSecure6, my records got changed in two ways. I described this in my previous comment, but I'll repeat it here.

It seems there are two ways my records were changed by the upgrade, which I'll call Model 1 and Model 2.

Model 1 is the one that manifested the original problem. In Model 1, the fields that contain no data are moved to the top. Since I have 5 Password fields in my Login template, those records would no longer copy my password when I clicked the URL. (More specifically, they 'copied' the first Password field, which was empty.)

In Model 2, the fields that contain no data are removed. This seems to be far more common. These records didn't manifest the copy problem, since the empty Password fields were removed. But when I want to edit those records - which usually means I want to add something to them - the template fields I hadn't populated (yet) are missing.

Model 2 is actually a much worse problem for me. Changing the order of existing fields is much easier than adding fields.

I hadn't realized that copying a blank password because it was earlier in the list than the 'real' one was a bug, but that makes sense. While a fix would be nice, this one's moot for me. I think all my records that were out of sequence have been fixed, and if not they are relatively easy to fix.

My bigger problem is Model 2.

In an earlier comment you said:

There are still points in time where mSecure does the work of helping make connections to the record even though the template is a starting point. For example, if you change a record from using one template to another, you'll see that as long as the field names and fields themselves match, the data will be moved over to the new template in the correct field.

Unfortunately, that does not work as I expected. See the attached PowerPoint.  Be sure to display the notes, which describe the issues illustrated in the screenshots.

Any suggestions you have are welcome, and I do appreciate all the time you've put into this. Sorry if I've made it more difficult than necessary, I think we've been speaking past each other at times and I'll try to curtail my end of that.














Hi Mike

I wrote a reply to this awhile ago but I guess it didn't get posted.  I didn't keep a full copy.  Does it exist somewhere, and is there any way to recover it?

Hi Jerry,

Sorry I haven't been able to post a response to you sooner. I did have this on my radar, but it has been very busy on my end. I never saw a post that seemed more "full" than the one I see you posted 9 days ago. Since I don't see it now, and I have no recollection of it being deleted, I don't have a way to recover it. Is there something obvious missing in the post I can see now?

Hi Mike

The post from 9 days ago is the one I was talking about.  I guess I must've missed that it was up, sorry.

Take your time, no rush.  Hope you're feeling better.

Oops - I had skimmed a little too much and read "full" as "flu" after a long day myself - sorry for the sloppiness!  

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