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Tag searching


would it be possible to search on just Tags? e.g. #birthday. This will make the search facility more useful otherwise it will pick up everything in a record

While testing the tag search in the beta I noticed something else. I've attached images of a search I did on both my macbook and PC.  Searching #hot brought up my records for the tag I have "hotels"....but you will notice in the image that on the PC version of mSecure for the record displaying Intercontinental Hotels - the icon is not the same - and if you look on the Mac version for the record for the Hotel Name field displays but does not display on the windows version.

@Noella The first issue with the icon not being the same has something to do with either the Windows version thinking you set the icon yourself, which then keeps it from downloading the site icon using the record's URL, or it's not able to find the site icon on our server for some reason. The first thing I would do is edit the record, and change the URL to something like "" then move your cursor to a different field. That should show the Google site icon on the record. After the Google icon is displayed, go back to the URL field, and type in the correct URL for the hotel, and move your cursor to the next field. Did that update the icon?

For the second issue, I'm not sure why the hotel name is displayed on Mac and not on Windows, but I would have to get more information as to how the template's and record's fields are set up in order to help. I know that if you go into the Windows app, edit that record, then click the rectangle icon to the far left of the record, you'll be able to change how that field's data is displayed in the main view. If the rectangle is empty for the hotel name field, which it should be, that field's data will not be displayed in the middle column. If it's filled solid, only the field's data will be displayed in the main view, and if it's got to solid squares, the field label and data will be displayed in the middle column under the record's title.

Thank you Mike... your solution with regards to the icon did in fact update the icon!

And you were correct in the second instance as editing that record, the rectangle for that particular field was in fact empty...that issue is now resolved !

Mike...I indicated that your solution updated the icon...which it did...BUT it also changed many other records that I had with the same icon.... see attached image.  When I originally noticed that some of the icons in my records on my PC version of mSecure were not displaying properly, I made a note of a few...(namely Netflix and New york times)... and I'm noticing that as in the image, they now have the same icon as previously reported.

And now, if I do as you previously suggested to get the Netflix icon back (as an example)...then suddenly many other of my records end up having the same Netflix icon.

@Noella That is very, very strange behavior and something I haven't run in to on my PC. If you close and re-open mSecure, does the issue resolve itself, or does it persist?

If I close and re-open mSecure, the issue persists. But oddly, when I go to my Macbook and sync from there - those icons do not appear on my macbook - or my iphone. It seems to be only on the pc version.  I can individually go into the Netflix record and change the icon while in the editing screen and save it...That works ok - and syncs over to my iphone and macbook with that particular icon. So that part works as it should from what I would expect. I thought perhaps it was due to a specific type of record - i.e. login - but some that were changed were not login types. I'll continue to test different theories.

All the issues I noted yesterday no longer apply this morning...Did extensive testing on both pc and macbook and everything appears to be working properly.  Everything properly syncing.

@Noella Thank you for giving me an update on this. I'm not sure what was happening, but should you run into it again, let me know, and we'll look into it to try to figure out what's happening.

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