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v6 e-mail picker?


On v6 Premium, what is the feature e-mail picker please?


When I use mSecure on my macbook or my PC, if I'm entering a new record that has an email field, I notice that a box comes up with a listing of all the email addresses I recently used on my PC or macbook when I go to enter text in the email field. From the box listing of all the emails, I am able to "pick" the one that I want entered into the field without having to type the complete address.  I'm thinking that is what is referred to as "e-mail picker"

@Noella, thank you again for answering my second question. I've found that now. My mistake was not having a e-mail field in the first place (I was using a username field). Thank you for answering it, appreciate it.

@Ai @Noella Sounds like you have it figured out! To confirm your findings @Ai, the only fields that trigger the email picker are Username and Email type fields.

@Mike, thanks again for confirming, and yes @Noella has already helpfully answered it :-)

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