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Corrupted modified dates (again) after update to mSecure 6

The transition to mSecure 6 has not went well for me.  I lost the vast majority of all of my groups and had to fix that problem based on solutions provided to others.  But, I also now have 26 records out of 374 that have "last modified dates" way out in the future.  This prevents me from being able to update these records while syncing is turned on.   I had this issue several years ago and am very discouraged that it has shown up again after this update.  Please provide a solution to correct this problem.  

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@Angie While you will still see the corrupted modified dates, if you are using mSecure Cloud syncing, when you make a change to the record, the modified date should be corrected. The fix doesn't actually change the modified date until an update to the record is made.

Sorry for the's been a busy month.  I just wanted to thank you for the clarification.  All seems good now!

No problem at all @Angie! Let me know if you need further assistance.

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