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Problems with mSecure6


I understand you want to release a new version. But now I have two problems with that.

- My iPad is on iOS10 and worked well with mSecure5. Now you are blocking the operation of mSecure5, but there is no update under iOS10 to mSecure6

- On my iPhone SE-2016 under iOS15 mSecure6 does work, but it shows the items in all screens, but also, for example, the username, the website, code but also the Card Number field. I've been using mSecure since version 4 so I know it can hide such lines/fields. If you look at "Edit Templates", those fields are also unchecked. "Show in main view:" "No" and yet they are shown.

I hope you find a solution to both my problems.

Yours sincerely,


 It is an iPad mini2

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