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Lost mSecure 4 password

I have submitted several tickets in hopes that I would get some positive feedback. No one ever answers. I am in dire need of trying to retrieve my password for m Secure4. Could someone please get in touch with me? Thanks

Hi Debra,

I just found your ticket in our system, and I responded via email about a minute ago. It's easiest to handle this type of issue via email, so we'll continue our correspondence there from here on out.  

Not familiar with attachment files. I just need to know how to retrieve my old password or reset it so I can transfer over to mSecure5. Please advise.

I'm not sure what you mean here Debra. I emailed you about 2 hours ago. Do you see the email I sent you? If so, can you respond to that email in order to keep the the correspondence easier to follow?

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