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Latest Msecure app soft crashes on windows 10

My original ticket was closed automatically  an I replied and it re-opened but I wanted to add the information here including logs

I recently did the update that was pushed earlier and paid for the yearly subscription. IOS and Mac worked fine no issue.

On windows 10 the app will just freeze with no error. It is a soft freeze as It recovers in a few minutes.

 I can see the data has already synced. I figured maybe there was an issue so I deleted the app restarted when to the windows store and re-downloaded. Once the app was installed and I logged in it synced over all the data. Then It just froze with no error. I figured it must by syncing in the background. Now it just sits there past the login screen frozen . I can drag it around but I cannot interact with it. 

Exact same issue as this guy:

Except the difference is if I let it hang for like 4-5 mins.. Which is what I did while typing this email. It eventually works. While its crashed it starts using 15%+ of the cpu. 

Attached the log to the original ticket but below is a logline with errors

Looks like its trying to load up an image:

/22/2022 5:09:58 PM: Error while saving []: Unable to remove the file to be replaced. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070497)

Hi Kaho,

Sorry for the long wait in my reply. I've been very busy after the V6 release and am just getting caught up now. I see your ticket in our support system. It will be easier to troubleshoot via email, so I'm responding to it now.

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