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mSecure 6 / Windows 10 - NO LOGIN WINDOW

Okay, I feel really dumb asking, but a Login Window is not presented to me on my Windows 10 machine to allow me to get mSecure 6 to open. Works fine on my Apple devices. Anyone have a tip or trick or instruction to tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi Ricky,

This one's not a dumb question at all! I believe you are running into a bug a handful of users are experiencing where the Windows app is freezing on the splash screen. Our developer believes he has this fixed, and the new build has already been submitted to the Microsoft Store. At this point, we're just waiting for them to approve the submission, and it will become available in the store.

Just checked to see if I could Login; still does not offer a place for me to enter my password...  If I need to re-download something new, could you please provide some instruction/direction as to how to do this?

Unfortunately, we thought we had this fixed in the newest version in the Store, but we've found out since that users are still encountering the freezing on the splash screen. We're trying to get information on what's causing this to happen, so if you would be willing to download a logging version of the app, that would be fantastic. The only thing I would need is the email address you use to sign in to the Store app on your PC. If you are willing to download the logging version, but you don't want to write out that email address here in the forum, we'll need to move over to emails instead.

Yes, I will do whatever to help resolve the issue.  Send info to me at :

Hi Rickey,

Thank you so much for your willingness to help. We now have a new build that should fix this issue, but we're needing to confirm the fix. I'll get you access to that build as soon as can add you to the logging build in our Microsoft Dev portal. Is the email you added to your last post the email you use for logging in to the Microsoft Store app? I need that email address in order to get you access to the new build.

Yes, my email for the Microsoft Store is:


Hi Rickey,

Ok, I was able to get you added for access to the new build. Make sure mSecure is closed, then close the Store app on your PC if it is open. Open the Store app again, then click the library icon near the bottom of the thin left column. Click "Get updates" in the top right, and you should see the new build is available, and it should start downloading immediately. 

Were you able to download, and if so, is the issue resolved, or are you still seeing the freezing take place?

Yes, I was able to "UPDATE" the app from the Microsoft Store, but nothing has changed. Still locked up/frozen with no signin window to enter my password. The version is now

Doc1.docx Doc1.docx
47.1 KB

I'm sorry but I've got to take care of some Church business, so I won't be able to check my emails until later tonight. Thank You for your attempt! Maybe the next release will fix it or you can tell me what I did wrong...

Hi Rickey,

Thank you for getting back to me. Based on initial reports, we were thinking this build fixed the problem, but we've since learned it didn't, so you're doing nothing wrong here.

The thing we need to do now is get logging from you to see if that helps our developer get more details to figure out the cause of the problem.

To enable logging in mSecure for Windows:

  1. Copy and paste this text into the Taskbar's Search field just to the right of the Windows button: %userprofile%\appdata\local\packages\mSevenSoftware.mSecure10
  2. After pasting in the text, click on the folder option that should appear
  3. Open the LocalState folder
  4. Right-click anywhere in the empty portion of the folder, hover over "New" then click "Text Document"
  5. Name the file, "mSecureLog.txt"

Now, go ahead and run mSecure and cause the crash or error to appear, then send me the "mSecureLog.txt" file. Note that the log file is overwritten after each crash, so if you are trying to send multiple crash logs, you will need to create a new "mSecureLog.txt" file each time you trigger the issue.

Followed your instructions to create the logging file. Opened mSecure and it worked fine and I was able to login with my password; no freeze / no crash. I'm sending the logging file, but I think it is empty. Thanks a bunch! mSecure is now working on my Windows 10 machine.

I followed your instructions to create a logging file, and then opened mSecure; It worked fine / no crash / no freeze! I've closed and opened the app several times and was allowed to enter my password and enter each and every time. I don't think any entry was made in the logging text file, but attach it for your viewing. Don't know what happened, but mSecure works for me now on my Windows 10 machine. Thanks!

Hi Rickey,

Thank you for the update, and it's good to hear things are working now. I can confirm the log file is empty, but thank you for sending one anyhow. We're sure this issue isn't fixed yet, so if you run into the problem again, please do let us know.

I am having the same start issues. I followed the instructions to create a log file, I then tried to open and it did not open and there is nothing in the log file

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