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Does anyone know how to start the Version 6.0235 on Win 10 more than 2 times?

 Situation: pro5 User with unwanted Update to Version 6.0235.0 on windows 10 (newest Microsoft Updates). I can start Msecure one or two times in series with login password. Does not matter if i am connected to internet or offline. On the third try the black start window opens without the possibility to give in a password or anything: just a black field without input option.

I cant reboot my PC now because it runs a monte carlo simulation that takes several hours.  Does anyone in the Mseven company have an idea that people use msecure for sensible data (customers and informers of lawyers, Stockmarket accounts, patent data and much more) and not for chatbuddyadresses and catfotos ?????

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Same Problem - restart does not solve the problem

@Everyone What you are running into is a known bug, and we're trying to get it fixed right now. At this time, I can't tell you why it's happening, but the developer will get back to me soon to tell my the next steps for diagnosing the problem in hopes of getting it resolved. As soon as the issue can be fixed, we will upload a new build to the store, and once it's published, everything will work as it should.

@Everyone I just heard back from our Windows developer after asking him about the freezing issue, and he believes he has it fixed in release At this time, we're in the process of releasing, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to cancel that before uploading the new build. At any rate, after you are able to download, please confirm for me if it works or if there is still a problem.

One thing to mention, Microsoft's approval times are very high right now. We're going to try to get it in the store today, but if approval times are the same as the last couple of weeks, it could be 3 or 4 days before it's available in the Microsoft Store. There's no way for us to expedite the process, so please be patient as we wait for the ability to publish the new release.

I just have updated to Windows Version 6.0.242 and guess what ? Now it`s absolute impossible to log in. Not once or twice - never. I am so glad, that i could manage to export to an CSV File on my Mac version 5 and use my working versions 5 on my ios devices without syncing, because i do not trust your capabilities on handling critical privat data in the moment. Perhaps i will have a look in some months. Sorry but i have not the time and the nerves to be your betatester.

We would have loved it if this issue would have arisen during the 6+ months of public beta testing @Joerg, but unfortunately, it didn't. So now we have to do our best to figure out what's happening and react to the situation as quickly as possible.

Have you noticed that the majority of win10 complaints come from users outside the native english talking world ? may be there are problems with non-english versions of Win 10 and Win11? meanwhile I only use msecure on my main Mac (OS Mojave) and wait those months until your one windows programer has finished and betatested the windows version before i reinstall msecure  and give in secret data on a computer connected sometimes to the internet.

I am an english speaker, located in the US and have a US english version of Windows 11, I am having the same issue (Can't log into Msecure - get to splash screen and nothing else happens).  If this was freeware, I'd be accepting of this bug.  As I paid for this software and had no choice in the "automatic" update, please fix this bug.

BTW: your company has a nerve giving me a "free 7 day" option of your "advanced features", when your existing features on this product do not work.

@Donna You are running into a bug. It's not something we planned for any of our users to experience, and it has nothing to do with Premium vs. Essentials. We're giving you the Premium features for free, for 30 days, and we fully expected for every one of our customers to be able to use all of the features in both tiers bug-free for the entire 30 days. Obviously, had we known this was going to happen, we would have fixed it before you even downloaded the app. If you would like me to reset your trial period for the Premium features after the bug is resolved, I would be happy to do so.

@Joerg As mentioned previously, the Windows version was in open, public beta for more than 6 months. We didn't release a product in beta. I understand you are upset about your experience, and I'm very sorry your having to go through this. However, what you are experiencing is not something that ever surfaced during the beta testing. Had it surfaced, we most certainly would have fixed the issue before v6 was released. You are free to uninstall the Windows version if you would like, of course, but the version you have now is not a beta build. It simply has a nasty bug that we have had a very difficult time weeding out.

We believe we have fix for it and are not waiting for users who have downloaded it to confirm the fix before publishing the build to the Microsoft Store.

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