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Msecure 6 Android Issue Upgrading

I did the Upgrade to 6 and paid annual subscription on my PC and everything works fine.  However now on my Galaxy phone/Android when I launch I just get a message that says "Update Required:  You are running an older version of mSecure.  Please check the Play Store for an update, and install the newest version."  The Play store only has version 5.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled on Android and still get the same message and cannot get my passwords on my phone.  Are we still waiting of approval at the Play store or what is up?

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 Same here. I had the pro version for years. It upgraded to 6 on my PC AUTOMATICALLY and is telling me I am on a PRO trial version. I just wanted the essential, which I should get for no cost to be able to continue syncing across to  my android phone and Tablet.  But since the updated APP is not available on the Play Store there is no Syncing to be had.

 Looks like they outsourced this botched rollout. Time to look into a different alternative as this once solid product is suddenly useless. 

I don't mind paying for it.  It's silly to think people can produce quality products for free and their price is very reasonable.  I just need it to work and sync between my PC and phone and need to be able to get version 6 on my phone.

I am having the same problem.  This transition to mSecure 6 is not going very smoothly.  


same problem. new version automatically updated on PC in TRIAL, on phone it tells me to update on Goggle Play but only the old 5 is available and it cannot be accessed. HELP. They know our data !!!! and what happens when the TRIAL period on pc expires ?. find an urgent solution, pls!
same problem. new version automatically updated on PC in TRIAL, on phone it tells me to update on Goggle Play but only the old 5 is available and it cannot be accessed. HELP. They know our data !!!! and what happens when the TRIAL period on pc expires ?. find an urgent solution, pls!


Hey everyone, the Android app is rolled out gradually and the users are randomly chosen by Google Play. We're currently at a 50% rollout. It's ok though, because mSecure 5 functions just fine when mSecure 6 has been installed on another device. You just see an update notice that can be dismissed, and syncing is disabled. Everything resolves when you upgrade to mSecure 6.

Regarding the trial message, everyone who downloads mSecure 6 gets a Premium trial for 30 days. We want everyone to have free access to all feature for a period of time. If you have a V5 license on your account, after the trial is over, your account will transfer to an Essentials account at no cost. You can see that in the Account Settings it tells you that you have an Essentials account but in Premium trial. On Android, you'll see it's "v5 Paid" account, which is the same as Essentials. Everything is working as it should.

I dismiss the message which returns me to the sign in screen but each time I hit continue I just get the upgrade message again.  I cannot get past the upgrade message and cannot access my passwords.  How long will it take for Google play to roll out 100%?  I obviously need access to my passwords on my phone.

The update notice can be dismissed but it just keeps returning and I cannot access my passwords in msecure5 on my phone.  How long will it take for Google Play to roll out to all users?  Google support says they have no control over the roll out and that is controlled by the developer.

@Greg This morning we have published a new version of mSecure 6 to the Play Store, and it will be available to everyone - no gradual rollout. I'm not sure how it will take to reach everyone's devices, but you should have access to it by the end of day. Please check Play Store throughout the day to see if it becomes available on all your devices, and that should take care of the problem you reported.

Thanks.  Went to the Play Store and Manage Applications and the update was there.  I updated and all is good now.  Look forward to checking out the new features.

That's great news Greg! It's good to hear V6 is available in the Store now. One thing, if you happened to write a negative review, it would be really helpful if you could update it as soon as possible if the only reason for the review was the app not being available due to the gradual rollout. We heavily rely on those reviews, so if you're liking the new version, an updated review would be much appreciated!

I have not posted a bad review.  I will try and post something positive soon.  I've tried other password managers and msecure works the best for me because of the flexibility to include notes or create my own templates to store all kinds of information I wish to keep secure.  The option to wifi sync rather than cloud sync is also important to me.  Thanks.

Thank you very much for the follow-up Greg! I re-read my message and I hope it didn't come across as me assuming you wrote a negative review. The vast majority of our users don't that type of thing, but it's becoming more and more common for people to experience something they don't like and immediately right a 1-star review. That's a really difficult thing for us to combat, so we're just starting to ask if reviews could be updated. Your positive review would be very much appreciated!

It's all good.  I didn't take it that way at all.  Quite a few negative people love to go on blast while those with positive experiences rarely weigh in.  I love the product and am experiencing better performance and benefits from version 6.  :-)  Thanks!

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