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mSecure 6 licensing question

I have just upgraded from mSecure 5 Pro to the newly released version 6. I am very much interested in using the Vault option to separate passwords for shared logins with my spouse and those for personal usage. Am I right in my understanding that this can be done by creating a shared and a personal/private vault and give my spouse read/write permissions to the shared vault? To keep things separated my spouse is currently still using V4 with local stored data, while I was already using the V5 Pro with mSecure Cloud sync and just migrated to V6. In order to migrate her to V6 and store and give access to the passwords in the shared Vault does she need a separate license or can this be done with one shared subscription license In essence there are 2 questions here: a) can Vaults be shared with non-licensed users? b) does the subscription cover a 'family'-option to share license with spouse? Thanks for your reply

I have an mSecure 5 license. If I upgrade to Premium now, will the trial be included? Meaning my renewal date would be in 13 months? 

@Roger Thank you for contacting us! In order to share in vaults, two or more accounts need to be linked together first, so there is no way to share a vault with another user who is not a Premium subscriber. What I would recommend doing here is having your wife upgrade to mSecure 6 directly from the older version of the app. When she installs V6 and creates an account, she should be asked if she would like to migrate her information in from V4. After that, she'll have 30 days with the Premium trial where you can link accounts and try out sharing.

We are going to be working on a Family Subscription, and it's one of our number one priorities. I highly doubt it will be ready before the end of the month, but it will be ready as soon as possible. If needed, you could purchase a monthly Premium account for both of you and then when the family plan becomes available, switch over to it.

How can I transfer data in my PRIVATE vault to a shared vault?

@Gary You will first need to set up a vault in the Sharing Center. You can follow the instructions in this article for using the new sharing feature in mSecure 6: Sharing Center

If you still have questions, please let me know and I can help.

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