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Family pricing with msecure 6 ?

What is the price for a family ? should we have all a subscription ? And for the old users of Secure 5 how does it work ?

Thank's for you help because support doesn't answer

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@Bryan We are getting close to releasing mSecure 6.1.0, which will have the family plan in it. It's getting close to completion, so it will be published soon.

A family plan really is a priority.  The sharing Vaults are excellent, and very likely to be shared between family members.  4-7 premium subscriptions is VERY expensive, and will quickly lose customers - which would be a shame, as the product is very good.  I'm a very long term user of mSecure from the early days, so please, family plan soonest.

@James We're working hard to get mSecure 6.1 released, and when it is, there will be support for both Family and Teams licensing. In both cases, you'll be able to manage multiple licenses from an "Owners" account. So you will be able to sign up for a "Family" account, and then you can add up to 4 other mSecure accounts to be covered by the license. You'll also be able to manage the licenses from inside the app, so you'll be able to remove and add new licenses as needed.

I've been considering purchasing mSecure but will want the family plan. This thread says that it's just around the corner, but it appears you've been saying that for over ten months now. This is making me reconsider whether mSecure is the right choice. When will the new version and the family plan be released?

Looking forward to the family plan, but I am a little disappointed to see that only an additional 4 accounts will be supported. I have a family of 6 (Myself, wife and 4 kids). What would my best options be?

@Barney The 6.1 release will be available as soon as possible. We're sorry for the wait, but there are a lot of internal changes in this version of the app, so it's more than just adding the Family and Team licensing. All our energy is focused on the 6.1 release, so it will be available shortly.

@Joshua There will be some flexibility in how many accounts you can add to the Family license. It's set by default to 5, because that's the industry standard. After 6.1 is released, simply contact us here in the forum or via email at "," and I'll help you with the licensing.

@Mike Thanks! I really appreciate that and will be in contact once 6.1 is released. Looking forward to it.

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