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mSecure data has been destroyed.

I have entered too many incorrect passwords and the mSecure data has been destroyed. My question is can this data be restored ? Also l am not sure how to now proceed as 

the message displayed said to contact mSeven Software before syncing with my computer . I want to set up mSecure again.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The only way data can be restored in this situation is if you made a backup from mSecure's Settings, and you are able to remember the password you used to unlock the mSecure app. It sounds like you no longer remember your password, so it's unlikely we'll be able to retrieve the information. I can help you get mSecure working again, however.

First, can you let me know which version of mSecure you are running?  When you look at the app icon on your device, does it have a bright blue background behind the key or is it dark blue?

Also, do you remember making any backups of your information in the past? If you made an email backup, I can help you try to restore from that backup after resetting mSecure so you have access to it again.

Hi thanks for your reply . It has  a bright blue background. Yes l have email backups. I can remember my password it just wasn't typing in correctly each time l tried .

Hi Michelle,

What do you mean when you say that your password wasn't typing in correctly? It will be necessary to set the same password when we reset mSecure, and in doing so, you'll have the potential to enter the password in the same way that's turning out to be a problem now.

Also, when you open mSecure now, are you able to unlock the app? After the data was destroyed, the app should have been put into a state where you had to set the password again when you opened it. Were you able to set the password and are you now able to use the app in a fresh state?

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