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Sometimes MS does not log-out when Auto-Lock is set

Anyone notice issues on a MAC when in some cases MS5 does not auto-lock (log out)?

Left the mac and to only come back hours later and see all is wide open.

Seen this happen a few times, so wanted to ask others too.

My auto-lock is set to 10min (just checked).

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Hi George,

Thank you for contacting us. We have heard of a small handful of customers running into behavior of this nature, but since there are so few, we haven't been able to get enough information to figure out the cause.

Can you let me know what type of device you are running mSecure on? Is it a MacBook, iMac or Mac mini, or does it happen on all of those devices you own? If it's a MacBook, do you see any pattern as to when it happens? For example, is it unlocked before you close the lid to the MacBook, and then when you open the lid later, it's still unlocked?

Hi & thanks for reply.

This is on a desktop running Catalina still 10.15.7 - I have not noticed the same behavior on Macbook that I hardly use lately but then again not tested thoroughly.

Mac does go to sleep and even when it wakes up, MS is still wide open.

It most likely is listening to something that keeps it open.  Wonder now if it was an app opening a port 94xx or something/ (its own webserver) that maybe kept it open.
So what could it be listening to some dropbox port (that maybe is trying to sync) or something else maybe?

That's a good observation about the port listening, but mSecure doesn't listen on any ports when it comes to syncing, except if you're using Wi-Fi syncing. For all other forms of syncing, it polls the cloud service for the sync data, and then decides whether a sync is needed based on whether the sync file has changed or not.

We've actually done testing to see if it was simply a matter of the computer going to sleep while mSecure is open and unlocked, and that definitely isn't the problem. At least, it's not as simple as just letting the computer go to sleep while the app is open. On our devices, mSecure is locked after the computer wakes up, so we haven't been able to reproduce the issue.

There are a couple of ways we could go about working on this, but what I would prefer doing is having you install the beta version of mSecure 6 to see if the issue still occurs. Are you open to running the v6 beta? It's near ready for release, so it's very stable. Also, I would have you make a backup of your mSecure 5 data, so worst case scenario is that you would have to reset your account and downgrade to mSecure 5 if you didn't want to continue using the newer app before its public release.

I'll try it ms6 beta.

Is latest: Mac beta 5 /  803 release?

I do believe the latest beta 6 release for Mac and iOS is build 803. Do you already have access to the beta George, or are you needing to get added to the program?

If you do need to get added to the v6 beta program, please send an email to "," and I'll get you added so you have access to v6 on all your different devices.

I have to same problem on an iMAC running OS Monterey.

Hi Mark,

I'm going to need more details from you, because each device can exhibit different behavior. Also, since the v6 release, we have not had other users reporting this as an issue, so whatever it is you're experiencing may not have any connection to the issue raised in this thread.

Can you tell me exactly what's happening? Also, are you able to reproduce the problem at any time, or is it random? If you can provide me steps to follow that reproduces the issue on my Mac, it should not be difficult to fix.

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