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New License Failing

Paid for new license this morning and put it in and it fails to activate.  Uninstalled and reinstalled using the link provided with my license and it continue to fail to activate using the license.    I have sent emails to support, opened a ticket and now trying the forums.  Can anyone tell me how to get this to activate?

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Hi James,

I'm not sure what you are saying here. There is no need to input a code when you pay for a license for mSecure 5. My guess is you're trying to use some characters you are seeing to try to activate the older mSecure 3.5 app, but I can't be sure. Can you tell if the app icon you are opening is a bright blue color or is it a very dark, Navy blue? If it's a lighter blue color, you'll need to download mSecure 5 from the App Store app on your computer. If you can tell me what type of computer you are using, I can help.

I paid for new license for MSecure for Mac  today and put it in and it fails to activate.   I am using MSecure for Mac v3.5.7 (trial version).  Can anyone tell me how to get this to activate?

@Veronica Unfortunately, if you purchased a license for the old mSecure 3 app, it's no longer possible to activate the license through that version of the app. Would you like to move over to mSecure 6 instead? If so, I can simply refund your purchase, then you can sign up for a subscription in mSecure 6 instead.

 Yes, I would like to move to MSecure 6 .    Please refund the previous purchase and provide instructions on how to proceed installation of MSecure 6.

@Veronica I believe I responded to you via email today to let you know you I processed a refund for your purchase of mSecure 3. Did you see the refund come through, and were you able to sign up for a Premium license on our site?

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