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Msecure 6

Any new information on mSecure 6 - release date, pricing, etc?

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. Regarding the release date, we are very close. We're now preparing for the release on a week to week basis, as most of the smaller items needed to be completed are either finished or in the process of being completed.

With regards to pricing, as you may already know, mSecure will be moving to a subscription model.

It’s become apparent we cannot stay in business without requiring a small, recurring payment, as attracting new users has become too expensive to handle with a one-time fee. So we will be moving to a two-tier subscription model, with Gold and Platinum levels. If you have a Pro license, however, you won’t lose any features you paid for in V5, even if you decide subscriptions aren’t for you. As paid v5 user, you will be automatically grandfathered into the Gold subscription tier, which has all of the features you loved in V5 along with new features that have been added to the app.

In order to have access to all of the features mSecure offers, there will be a Platinum subscription tier that will require a recurring payment. As a paid user, we’ve made the subscription as affordable as possible by offering 50% off the cost new users will be charged. This reduced rate won’t last forever, of course, so you would want to take advantage of it sooner rather than later after V6 is released.

The tier pricing details is outlined below.

For users that have not purchased a Pro (mSecure 5) license, the Gold tier will be:

  • $1.99 per month

  • $1.67 per month billed annually

For users that have not purchased a Pro license, the Platinum level will be:

  • $2.99 per month

  • $2.49 per month billed annually

For users that have purchased a Pro license, the Platinum level will be:

  • $1.49 per month

  • $1.25 per month billed annually

Thanks for the detailed update. Looking forward to it. One more question. Will the new version offer autofill on the iMac?

Also, will Apple Watch unlock on MacOS be supported on launch? (The ability to unlock the app on Mac via Apple Watch authorization)

No problem at all David! V6 will have auto-fill capabilities for Mac. For Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers, there are going to be full-featured browser extensions. For Safari, we have support for MacOS Password AutoFill. We have plans in the future to create a browser extension for Safari and also bring support to at least a few other more popular web browsers.

@Georgios Thank you for the post! Yes, Apple Watch unlock has already been implemented, and it will be available at the launch of V6.

Amazing! Thanks a lot!!!

Sorry if this question is already answerred, but when will v 6 be out of beta?

@Thomas We don't have a concrete date set, but the v6 beta is nearly finished. We're working on polishing different items in the app, translations for different languages, and fixing any issues that remain. We're getting very close to ready for the public release. 

Good. And it’s none of this Electron rubbish-it is a REAL MacOS app?

@Tomas mSecure is built upon each platform's SDK, so we're not using Electron in any way in our development.

Yey!!! You should spread that on Reddit. Mac users will flock to your app. 

Mike, thanks for the billing info. About it, having a v5 pro license… “you will be automatically grandfathered into the Gold subscription tier”. Since the app is moving to suscription plan, might these features be shared within my family?? Are those pricing plans for a single person or they can be family sharing?
Good question, I wonder the same. I’ve been told before that it is no limit to devices. So my wife can use msecure on her iphone AND Mac, and so can I? Will there be a limit to the amount of devices? Since I understand tou don’t really have a family plan
Another question on v 6: When I betatested earlier I had to migrate to another database (?). So I stopped betatest since my wife uses the same msecure account. Now it says you have a beta for iOS. Is that also another database so I need to change app on my wifes iphone and Mac aswell?

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