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Missing Column of Selectable First Letters

I am running version 5.7.3 on my iPhone, and iPad, and version 5.7.2 on my MacBook Pro.  After opening the app on the iPhone and iPad, there is a vertical column of letters of the alphabet along the right side of the list of entries.  This enables you (obviously) to quickly move down the list without having to page down or type into the search box.

There is no such column of letters showing when I open the app on my MacBook.  Is this feature not available with this hardware and app version?  Is there a setting I need to change?  

Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us. The "Alpha-Scroller" is a UI feature only available on mobile devices like iOS and Android where there is no mouse for scrolling, and the screen real estate is much more constricted. That feature isn't isn't available on Mac and Windows.

Thanks Mike.  I had forgotten about the mouse scroll - it worked as well or better/faster than the Alpha-scroller would have.  

No problem at all Robert! Take care, and let me know should you need further assistance.

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