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What’s the latest on the next version

I’m getting a little anxious. It now October and last I heard it was coming in August. I want it to be good , but I also want it soon. Thx for listening.

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Same here. Did some beta testing and it looked promising. However since I share the account with my wife it didn't work with having the beta version, so I'm back at v 5.

My account at 1Password will expire in 2 weeks ands then I will only use mSecure. 

However: does mSecure work with Alfred?

@Colin We're getting close to the public release, but we still have some work to do. We want this release to be out as soon as possible, and it's goal now to have it ready for release by the end of this month.

@Thomas At this time, mSecure doesn't have support for the Mac Alfred app nor Spotlight integration. 

Ok. Wull it have in v 6?

@Thomas mSecure 6 will not have support for Alfred, and at this time, we don't have active plans for implementing that type of integration. I can add it as a feature request if you would like.

I think the important thing for a native Mac app is to at least support integration with Spotlight. Alfred I can understand since it is not a part of MacOS, but Spotlight integration ought to be a ”must” in MacOS.

Thank you for your feedback @Thomas. I have talked with our developer about the Spotlight integration, and we have added it as a feature request. There will be some investigation needed for how everything will work, but I'm hopeful we can implement it so that you can search for URLs and then open the site directly from Spotlight. After the site is loaded, then the auto-fill features in the mSecure Browser Extensions can take over.

Good. As for Alfred there is probably a way fir users to make a workflow, no need for mSecure to work on that really.

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