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after import nothing shows up under "logins"?

I imported my .csv in correct format but they only show up under all items. I don't see them listed under "logins"?

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. If the CSV is formatted correctly, then the record's type will be recognized during the import. So if many of your records in your CSV were showing they should use the Logins type in the correct column for that particular record, it should be showing as a Login record in mSecure.

Can you let me know more about the context you are in here? Typically, the only reason you would be importing a CSV file is because you are moving from another password manager to mSecure. Is that what you're doing, and if so, which password manager are you coming from? If you aren't, what made you try to use the CSV feature for importing your data into mSecure?

I used to keep all my passwords in an excel spreadsheet. This is becoming cumbersome. So you had great reviews so I figured I would try you out.

wanted to import to save me from typing in 75 different sites passwords and emails.

Ok, can you let me know how you went about formatting your data? Each row of data would be a record, and each field would have been separated by a comma. In order to have the data import correctly, those fields have to be in a very specific order, especially the first 4 fields. If you could type out an example of one Login record you created, but filled with dummy data, of course, that would be very helpful. I can see if it lines up with what's required in order for an import to work correctly.

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