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Will msecure continue to exist?

Hello. I am a long time user of msecure and really love it. One of the best.

However, it certainly seems that msecure is not one of the well known password vaults at this time. And it seems like there is very little activity in development or at your website.

We currently are using your secure syncing across all of our devices and it is wonderful. However, I am starting to worry that perhaps very little revenue is coming in to your company and that there is a risk that your servers may be shut down in the not so distant future where we would lose the syncing capability.

Is this something I need to be concerned about?

Many thanks for any help you can give on this question.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. We are currently in the process of beta testing mSecure 6 and getting ready for its release. This will be the next major release of the app, and it will be in the near future. We don't have any plans of stopping development, so you should not worry about our servers being shut down.

Excellent! I for one will be happy to give you a few more dollars to keep this excellent application healthy!

Thank you so much for your feedback and continued support Mark! We're really looking forward to getting v6 released!

Have you folks considered offering a voluntary small yearly subscription for your application vs single purchase for each version? This would make it easier for you to know your yearly income and be more stable for  keeping it going for the long term. I am thinking something like $5 to $10 a year as an option for users. If the user chose the subscription they would get all the future updates with no additional cost. Just a thought. I would definitely choose this subscription option if the cost was not too high as a means of guaranteeing your long term health. 

This is also a concern of mine, I lost several years of accounts and all my past travel plans when 2 apps suddenly stopped working and I was unable to recover my information ….I do back up and sync but my husband wants a hard copy to keep with his laptop as he won’t rely on his phone, can we print the list 

@Mark Thank you very much for your feedback and your support. It's funny you should bring this up, because we have come to the same conclusion and decided to change over to a subscription model in mSecure 6, which is in beta testing now. The new app will offer two tiers of subscriptions: 1. The Gold plan, which will include every feature currently offered in mSecure 5, plus a few of the smaller new features in v6; 2. The Platinum plan, which will offer all the features available in v6 including cross-account sharing, Family plans, full Tags support, full Attachment support, and other features.

@Dianne You can print your data in the desktop versions of mSecure. Do you run mSecure on either a Mac or PC? If you don't currently, do you have a Mac and/or PC on which you can install mSecure?


Excellent news.  We also have been using mSecure across our small team for many years.  We get errors often and were getting concerned as we store over 1100 passwords!  I would definitely not mind paying for additional versions if the product continues to be supported and improved.  It is now priceless to our operations. Thanks!

No problem at all @Rolland! Be on the lookout for mSecure 6, which will be released very soon.

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