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Multi account in one app

 Hello. There is a very lack of function so that in one application you can select several (at least two) different accounts. That is, launch the application on a mobile or computer, and enter "password1" - you get access to "database1", enter "password2" - you will have access to "database2"

Like a hidden container as it was in TrueCrypt. Store main password in secondary base.

Hi LeSha,

The sharing feature will be included with our "Premium" subscription plan. For clarification, there will be two plans: Essentials and Premium. The Essentials will plan will include all of the features currently in mSecure 5 but with some other new features as well. The Premium plan will provide access to cross-account sharing and some other new features added to v6. Those who have a v5 Pro license will get access to the Essentials plan at no cost.

The pricing we are planning to have for release are as follows:


- Monthly: 1.99

- Yearly: 1.66/mo billed annually


- Monthly: 2.99

- Yearly: 2.49/mo billed annually

At first release, we won't have a family plan available, but that will be one of our first priorities after the public release. When that becomes available, you will get a Premium license for somewhere around 6 accounts (we're not sure of that number yet), and it will cost somewhere around $5.99/mo or $4.99/mo billed annually.

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