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Add New Desktop to existing MSecure 5 account

Here is information on my issue with the MSecure app on my new iMac. Unable to access my msecure account with the log in and password that allowed me to get to this website.  All my other devices work fine with the msecure 5 account.   I do have the account key.  Yet can not get to where to authenticate I have an msecure 5 account.

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. For clarification, the credentials you use to sign in to your mSecure support account may or may not be the same as the ones needed to sign in to your mSecure account. Those two account systems are completely separate, so the credentials for each are not tied to each other in any way. The more important thing here is that you have mSecure running on other devices. When you open mSecure on one of those devices, are you able to unlock the app by manually entering your password using the keypad? If so, go ahead and use the password that you enter to unlock mSecure on those devices in when signing in to mSecure on your Mac.

I am unable to ever get past the point of entering my account log in.  I do use a different login and password for the account.  I can log into all my msecure 5 apps on all my other computers and iPads.  Just not the new app on the new iMac.  Your app will not accept the one that is active.  I even tried to create a new account using the same log in and password. I received a reply that account already exists.  Yet it will not let me log in on the app.  I can log in to the account as I have here.  See attached.

I can log in to all my devices with their log in except this new app and my new iMac. This new app will not accept my account log in.   I do use a different log in for the account and another for the devices.  See attached.

If you are trying to sign in to the same mSecure account using the same credentials, you should have no problems here. When you say that you do use a different login and password for the account, what do you mean? With mSecure 5, you cannot use a different password in different mSecure apps. In order for your data to sync between all your devices, you have to sign in to the same account, which requires that you enter the same email address and password as you use on the other devices.

I understand what's happening here, so you won't need to attach any other screenshots. The problem is, if you try to Sign In to an existing account, your password isn't being accepted. If you try to Sign Up for a new account using the same email address you are using on your other devices, it tells you the account already exists. For clarification, you should be signing in to and existing account. You need to sign in to the same account you are using on your other devices, and to do that, you have to enter the same email address and the exact same password you enter to unlock the app on the other devices.

For now, let's simplify everything thing by choosing just one device on which mSecure is working and has all your data stored in it. You choose the device, and let me know which one it is. Also, make sure that on that device, you can open mSecure, bypass the Touch or Face ID feature, and then enter your password manually to unlock the app. If you can't enter the password manually to unlock mSecure, then we can't know for sure that you are remembering the correct password.

After I know which device you have chosen, we'll continue troubleshooting, and we'll only reference those two device, as that makes it much easier to talk through the process we'll need to go through.

I am replying to your last email. I used my iPhone XR and was able to log in to my mSecure app like always. My email ID is still incorrect from someone changing it yesterday. But I do not need the email iD when accessing my app on the iPhone. Just my 4 digit pin. I never get that on the new app on my iMac.

I finally figured out the new app.  I used the Email ID (What I have on file) and the PIN number I use for the other apps.  NOT THE ACCOU NT PASSWORD AS REFERENCED on the new app log own screen.  Someone needs to modify that screen to suggest device CODE/PASSWORD NOT ACCOUNT.  VERY CONFUSING.


Ok, on your iPhone, go ahead and open mSecure, and enter your password manually to unlock the app. By the way, your 4 digit PIN is your password for mSecure, and that is not a very secure option for protecting your data. It would be better to set a much stronger, but still memorable, password of at least 10 characters, then set up Touch or Face ID to unlock the app easily.

After you have unlocked mSecure on your iPhone, tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap Account Settings. What email address do you see next to Username in the Account Settings screen? If you don't want to type out your email address here, let me know, and we can move the support over to email support instead of using the forum.

It's great to hear you were able to get this resolved, but I don't understand the confusion you are describing. When you choose the option to Sign In to an existing account, you have to enter the email address of your account, and then you have to enter the password that you use for that account, which is how any account system works. You are not entering anything specific to your device. It's the credentials for your mSecure account.

Also, for clarification, there were no mSecure accounts prior to mSecure 5. In the older versions of the app, the data was only stored locally on each device, and there was no centralized account system. When mSecure 5 was released, we introduced mSecure accounts, and from that time on, each mSecure app has to sign in to the same account, using the same email address and password.

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