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Setting up main computer

I have used mSecure for years, but recently decided to sync via WiFi.  When I go into the app on my older Mac and choose the WiFi setting, I get the message "Cannot modify user DTdaObkRsk."  I saw on another thread that this may be caused by a disconnection of some sort (my words, not yours) but couldn't find the fix.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. We're not sure why this happens yet, but the message you are seeing is caused by some type of authentication issue with the online account. The fix is pretty easy, but I need to confirm something first before I give any instructions.

Are you able to access your information in mSecure on at least one other device? The fix is going to require you resetting mSecure on your Mac, so I need to make sure you data is safe before we do that.

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