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Can't get mS pro to recognize my purchase & access my pw file

I have been using mS on my mac, iPad, and iPhone for years.  Recenytly my iPad stopped working and said I needed to upgrade to mS 5.  I downloaded and all worked fine.  still had older versions on mac and iPhone.  yesterday my mac quit syncing, it said I needed to purchase mS pro.  I went to your website and purchased it.  have an order #.  Then I installed mS 5 on my mac from the App store.  I open it and try to sync and it tells me I must purchase mS pro (which as noted a I already did).  I can't fine anyway to tell the app that I did purchase and for instance enter my order #.  How do I get it to recognize  and download my existing mS pw file?  And then what do I need to to for my iPad and iPhone to get them running too?


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@Fred I responded to your other post in a different thread. We'll keep the correspondence in that thread alone so it's easier to keep track of the information you give me.

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